Turkish Delight was opened in 1981 & is proud to be renowned as Canberra’s first Turkish restaurants.
Over the years our restaurant has been both a second home to Canberran Turkish people as well as a symbol of lasting friendship between Turkish and Australian people. Visitors to our dear restaurant will feel as though they have ventured into Turkey itself as we pride ourselves on making this place a portal into our home country.

Turkish food is very healthy, and is always made from good fresh ingredients. We always use fresh ingredients to prepare healthy food. Our menu has variety of Turkish dishes and vegetarians are not forgotten.

Authentic Turkish food is made of lots of eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, grilled kebabs and yogurt sauces. The good-size portions should keep hearty eaters happy, while the hot and cold appetizers, traditionally combined to make a mix of nibbles for the whole table, are a lighter meal alternative. We also prepare menu alternatives for the kids.

The walls of the restaurant are adorned with beautiful Turkish rugs, copper engravings, handcrafts, musical instruments and paintings, the atmosphere of the restaurant reflect on the artistic Turkish culture.